Flask - Part 10

Example of a (complete) Flask app + Docker

Flask - Part 9

Revoking JWT
flask jwt

Flask - Part 8

Implementing JWT whitelisting
flask jwt

Flask - Part 7

Restricting access with role verification
flask sqlalchemy jwt

Flask - Part 6

Roles management
flask sqlalchemy jwt

Flask - Part 5

User authentication with Json Web Token
flask jwt

Flask - Part 4

Adding users and login/signup routes
flask sqlalchemy

Flask - Part 3

Connecting Flask with a database
flask python sqlalchemy orm

Flask - Part 2

Architecture of a Flask app
flask python blueprint

Flask - Part 1

Super Basic Flask app
flask python

Flask - Part 0 - Intro

Introduction to Flask
flask python

Setting up your python environment

Learn how to set up a clean python environment
python environment