Flask - Part 0 - Intro


Welcome to the flask course !

This (quite big) flask course will teach you how to build a REST API using flask micro-framework.

Before we continue, I’ll assume that, you have followed my previous course : setting up your python environment and that you know how to code in python3 (object oriented too).

You should have python3, pip, virtualenv and git installed.

1 - Creating our environment

In order to easily manage every parti of this course, let’s create a dedicated folder.

mkdir flask_learning
cd flask_learning

flask_learning will be your main folder.

Let’s now grab a copy of every part of this course.

# assuming you are in flask_learning
git clone https://github.com/gmolveau/flask_cybermooc

You now have the flask_cybermooc folder with every version that we will see during this course.

└── flask_cybermooc
    └── every version 

2 - Other things

In every sub-folders of flask_learning/flask_cybermooc, you will find a run.sh file.

This file is here to help you launch the reference app so you can quickly correct your code if it’s not working. This script has 4 functions : clean, setup, run, test.

If you want to launch the code, you simply need to call :

# assuming you're in flask_learning/flask_cybermooc/version_XXX
sh run.sh clean
sh run.sh setup
sh run.sh run
sh run.sh test

3 - Every part

Here’s the list of every part of this course :


Now that everything is set-up, let’s begin with our first part of this course and build a dead-simple flask app.

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